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Microbes live inside in communities and are unique to every living organism (“Signature”). Jananom has developed proprietary phytofiberceutic formulations which are essential for the sustenance of microbial biodiversity – “feed me – feed my microbiome”. Besides, a cutting edge proprietary platform to deliver therapeutics via bioengineering of microbes is also under development.


Novel Therapeutic delivery platform through microbiome bio-engineering – TMB


The objectives of drug delivery is to safely deliver drugs into human beings in a cost effective way. However current drug delivery systems are broken which needs extensive ADMET optimization, finding the right formulation, modulating the dosage and requiring repetitive visits to the clinic which has not seen any dramatic improvements in the past few decades.

Jananom's discovery and design platform - TMB - intends to mitigate these challenges where microbes will safely carry the genetic message for producing therapeutics inside the human microbiome environment.

Biomolecular Engineering

Integrated Productivity Management Tools from Tropical Biodiversity

Saccharomyces cerevisiae: Genomic tool kits, vectors & cassettes for stably assembling multiple genes & pathways, single gene integration vectors, transposon based integration.

E.coli: Genome integration vectors (several gene assembly /integration)

Transporters & Decorating tool kit


Repository of transporters uniquely handpicked from tropical biodiversity to cater to specific chemical classes to vastly improve downstream product recovery.

Toxicity management of products by decoration of molecules with sugars and other functional groups to improve productivity

PhytoFiberCeutics – PFC


Individual’s microbiome and its metabolome is key for one’s well-being. New insights into dietary plant fibers (phyto origin) has renewed interest on fibers, going beyond just digestive health.

Jananom has developed proprietary formulations of diverse phytofiberceutics from its “natural molecular kitchen” that are assembled from carefully chosen widely used plants.


Murali Panchapagesa Muthuswamy

Serial entrepreneur. Developed several first of its kind natural products. Built companies over three decades. One taken to public in Europe. Successful fund raiser from across the globe. Four year stint as the President and CEO in US silicon valley company. Several patents and publications.

Chitra Murali

Nutritionist. Specialized in Fibres from traditional and non-conventional sources. Food product formulator.

Founding Team
Shriram Raghavan

Accomplished techno commercial individual with two decades of international experience. Part of several globally reputed startups, building it from ground.

Sathish Kumar

Biomolecular engineer with two decades of research experience in global companies. Firsts in engineering a number of natural product pathways at commercial scale. Several Patents & publications.

Nalini Krishnaswamy

Highly experienced natural product formulation across several verticals over three decades. Hands-on analytical experience. Several Patents & publications. Served in multi national companies.

Lizy Babu

Process and Systems expert with three decades of experience in reputed international companies. Advisors & consultants of international repute.

Advisors & Consultants

Advisors & consultants of international repute



Jananom believes in "Igniting Young minds" with a flexible residency program that offers valuable opportunity to work at the intersection of various techno-commercial elements in the streams of Biomolecular engineeering, microbiome therapeutics and PhytoFiberCeutics Platforms

Young minds to reach out at :



We have several valuable partnerships including RiverstoneBio. Jananom is open to partnering for the future.



We are activity hiring for the following positions (effective Q2, 2019):

  • MBA (any branch) with 2-3 years’ work experience (any industry)
  • Requires skills in data collection, analysis, interpretation
  • Ability to find markets, do product-market fit, meet potential customers to present the company and products.
  • Seamless communication skills and be a team player
  • Have an M.Com with atleast 5-7 years work experience (any industry)
  • Proficient with accounts and Tally, compliances, filing of taxes, returns, raise invoices, bank reconcillation,etc.
  • Requires some knowledge of foreign exchange rates and international transactions
  • Interface with vendors, negotiate, rate them and evaluate for best products and / or services
  • Local travel required to meet and integrate company secretary, external auditor, compliance authorities, tax consultants.
  • Requires background in payroll, Tally and related tools.
  • A post graduate or doctorate in food technology / food processing with atleast 5 years hands-on industry experience in formulating energy bars, cookies, fritters.
  • Ability to design an ideal food formulation for natural plant derived fibre components
  • Interface with large scale contract manufacturers during scaleup and commercialization
  • Masters or doctoral degree holder with 2-3 years research experience
  • Practical experience in working with prokaryotic engineering tools, methods and systems
  • Ability to design vectors, construct vectors, clone, sequence & synthesize genes (outsourced function) for small molecules and proteins
  • Manage the project independently in stipulated timelines
  • Maintain systematic written records of all research; support in framing IP.
  • Aspirants may reach out at :